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Weight loss tips

11 things you can do to boost your metabolism:

1.Eat more protein
2.Get more sleep
3.Drink cold water
4.Drink tea(green tea)
5.Eat peppers
6.Drink coffee
7.Use cocoanut oil for cooking
8.Do some aerobic exercise
9.Eat more often
10.Eat enough calories
11.Reduce your stress levels

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Healthy diets and weight loss management HDWLM

Benefits of a healthy weight

Keeping a Healthy Body Weight helps:

  • Your body more efficiently circulate blood.
  • Your fluid levels more easily managed.
  • You less likely to develop diabetes, heart disease, certain cancers, gallstones, osteoarthritis, breathing problems and sleep apnea.
  • You feel better about yourself and have more energy to make other positive health changes.

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Weight loss challenge

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