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Healthy gut diet

Start a gut health diet to improve your gut health

8 Gut Health diets

💎Fresh Vegetables:Beets,carrots,cruciferous veggies,leafy greens,Onions,peas,cabbage,sea vegetables

💎Whole pieces of fruit:Apple,blackberry,blueberries,strawberries,cherries,oranges,prars,pomegranates,red grapefruit

💎Herbs,spices and Teas:Tumeric,ginger,thyme,greentea,organic coffee

💎Probiotic/fermented foods:Yogurt,Kefir,Kombucha,Miso,cultured veggies

💎Wild-Caught fish

💎Healthy fats:Coconut Oil,Virgin Olive oil,Nuts/Seeds

💎Ancient grains and legumes:Black beans,black-eyed peas,chickenpeas,lentils,black,quinoa

💎Red wine and dark chocolate in moderation

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