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How Important is a Healthy Gut?

The health of your gut has a huge impact on your overall health. The gut microbiome is responsible for aiding digestion and absorption of nutrients, helping to regulate things like bile and vitamin levels. It also supports immune system.

An imbalance in gut bacteria has been found to contribute to chronic diseases like diabetes, high cholesterol, obesity and it’s also linked to mental health and depression.

Therefore it is important to get a healthy gut by making a healthy lifestyle changes to improve your gut and in turn the wellbeing of your gut.

Eat more healthy whole foods for a healthy gut


Published by Uche Ibeneme

My name is Uchenna Ibeneme. I'm a Certified Health and Nutrition Life Coach.I promote healthy gut. I do(1:1 & group)coaching(s)for people that are overweight/obese, with digestive issues & with chronic health conditions.I use diets, supplements and lifestyle modifications to support my programs.

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